At the University of Ghent, Department of Geography, a new Chair Bicycle is installed by the Flemish Government. The chair Bicycle has the thematic goal to support, evaluate and further develop the Flemish policy on cycling. The chair Bicycle provides for the appointment of a part-time (10%) guest professor (grade professor) and a 50% scientific collaborator, to support the chair holder. The Bicycle Chair commences on December 1, 2023 and is for 3 years (extension is possible but depends on required funding). To fill the chair, the department is looking for a chair holder (m/f/x).

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An extensive track record

In-depth quality research in a wide range of geographical disciplines.

Bachelor of Science in Geography and Geomatics/Master of Science in Geography and Geomatics.

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Research projects at various funding bodies at local, regional, national, European and international levels.

High-quality scientific output: several PhDs every year, a large number of international papers published in highly cited journals, and more.

Contributing at other courses, co-organising specific teacher training in geography and postgraduate training in hydrography.

Training with a future: a wide range of jobs due to increasing awareness of climate issues and sustainable development.

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