Social and Economic Geography

The SEG research group focuses on all social and economic activities and developments on the earth's surface.

News in the spotlight

In June, several researchers and PhD students from Social and Economic Geography participated in the BIVEC-GIBET conference in Leuven. Yue Hu's paper ("Revealing multiplex topological features of China's domestic air transport network: intralayer and interlayer characteristics") was among the top three papers of the conference. Congratulations Yue!

Co-authored by Kurt Fuellhart, Shengrun Zhang, and Frank Witlox

Research themes

Research in the domain of Social and Economic Geography focusses on three clusters.

First of all, the research analyses travel behaviour and city logistics.

Second, there is an emphasis on present-day evolutions in the Flemish urban system, urban policy, and the formation of a world city network.

Finally, the research also investigates location decisions of private and public companies, the relationship between transport and production, and land use modelling.

urban development
world city network
travel behaviour
land development

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