Physical Geography

Physical geography focuses on man-environment interactions in the context of a changing environment and climate.

News in the spotlight

The UGent Department of Human Resources published two vacancies for a full-time assistant in the Department of Geography, Ghent University (ID:25891, ID:25892). The vacancies are in the research areas of Social and Economic Geography on the one hand and Physical Geography on the other. The deadline for application is May 23.

Research themes

Physical geography focuses on the interaction between geomorphological processes and human impacts. This mainly involves the effect of changes in land use, land management, hydrology and climate on the surface of the Earth. Focus is given to spatial scales of small (50-150 ha) to medium-sized catchments (15,000 km2) and on dynamics on short (present-day processes) to medium terms (<200 years).

Geomorphological processes are investigated using the latest research methods, often in collaboration with developments in the Geomatics research domain.

runoff and sediment yield
hydrogeomorphic modelling
land management

PhD research

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