Philippe De Maeyer, head of department

Geography is a broad discipline linking human and natural sciences. Consequently, the department of Geography is involved with a wide interest of research and great variety of tasks in education and consultancy.

The Department of Geography co-ordinates interdisciplinary basic research and applied transdisciplinary involving its research domains and provides consultancy in these fields as well.

Education is provided for students in geography, land surveying, spatial and urban planning, archaeology, physical land resources, biology, civil engineering and regional studies at bachelor, master and PhD level.

Philippe De Maeyer, head of department

Lecture invitation: The growth of logistics services and their impact upon global city development

You are cordially invited to a Doctoral Schools-sponsored lecture by Professor Kevin O’Connor (Monash University, Australia) on Friday, April 4th, 10:30.


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Workshop on promoting the use of satellite data to support national environmental and climate change decision-making in the Caribbean

Jamaica is currently hosting a major UNESCO Science workshop which is promoting the use of satellite data to support national environmental climate change decision making in the Caribbean. This workshop is being held in New Kingston from December 3-5, 2013. This workshop is organized by UNESCO in collaboration with Ghent University, Department of Geography.

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3D mapping of the Maya site of Edzna (Yucatan, Mexico)

In November 2013, researchers of the Department of Geography (Bart De Wit -assistant-, Britt Lonneville -Ma-student in Geomatics Surveying- and Cornelis Stal- PhD-student) went to Mexico to map the Mayan temples of Edzna (Campeche) in 3D. This campaign was the continuation of a fruitful cooperation between the Department of Geography of Ghent University, UNESCO, ULiège, GIM and the Mexican Anthropological Institute (INAH) concerning the World Heritage site of Calakmul and funded by BELSPO (Belgian Science Policy).

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Most recent department A1-publications

Vermeer, J., Finke, P., Zwertvaegher, A., Gelorini, V., Bats, M., Antrop, M., Verniers, J., & Crombé, P. (2014). Reconstructing a prehistoric topography using legacy point data in a depositional environment. Earth Surface Processes And Landforms, 39(5), 632-645.

Van De Vijver, E., Derudder, B., Bassens, D., & Witlox, F. (2014). Filling some black holes : modeling the connection between urbanization, infrastructure, and global service intensity. Professional Geographer, 66(1), 82-90.

Liu, X., Derudder, B., & Taylor, P. (2014). Mapping the evolution of hierarchical and regional tendencies in the world city network, 2000-2010. Computers Environment And Urban Systems, 43, 51-66.