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"Geography is the subject which holds
the key to our future"
— Michael Palin


Become a geographer, geomatic, surveyor or hydrographer

Bachelor of Science in Geography and Geomatics and the additional Master of Science in Geomatics and Land Surveying are broad and multidisciplinary courses that submerge you in several geo-domains, in combination with nature and social sciences.

The social and natural processes that occur in space, in the past and in the present, and the mutual spatial relations are always at the centerpoint.


Geography courses at Ghent University

Bachelor of Science
Geography and Geomatics

Specialization Geography
Specialization Land Surveying

Master of Science

Master of Science in Geography
Master of Science in Geomatics and Land Surveying


Postgraduate Hydrography B(asic)

Recently published in Web of Science

De Roo, Stal, Lonneville, De Wulf, Bourgeois, De Maeyer (2016) — Spatiotemporal data as the foundation for an archaeological stratigraphy extraction and management system. [JOURNAL OF CULTURAL HERITAGE]

Schotte, Nuttens, De Wulf, Van Bogaert, De Backer (2016) — Monitoring the structural Response of the Liefkenshoek Rail Tunnel to Tidal Level Fluctuations. [Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities]

Ramos, Bernardo, Ribeiro, Van Eetvelde (2016) — Landscape identity: implications for policy making. [LAND USE POLICY]

Recent doctorates

Lanckriet (2016) — Exploring causality in interactions between climate shifts, land degradation and humans: evidence from the Horn of Africa.

Asfaha (2015) — Mountain stream dynamics as impacted by rainfall variability and land cover change in the western Rift Valley escarpment of Northern Ethiopia.

Jacob (2015) — Treeline dynamics and forest cover change in afro-alpine Ethiopia, as affected by climate change and anthropo-zoogenic impacts.



Geografica is the student association for Geography and Land Surveying students at Ghent University. It was founded in 1982.


VGG (Association of Ghent Geographers)

The VGG (Vereniging van Gentse Geografen) is part of Alumni UGent and offers permanent trainings in the form of excursions, lectures or other activities.


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