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Latest news

1 minute of silence for victims of attacks in Paris

2015-11-17 Permalink

On 16 November at 12:00 the staff members and students of building S8 (Departments of Geography, Geology and Biology) expressed their respect and compassion for the victims of the attacks in Paris with a minute's silence in memory of what happened in Paris on 13 November 2015 and of similar attacks all over the world.

They expressed all together their disapproval of all forms of intolerance and extremism.

Measuring campaign at Ghent City Museum (Stadsmuseum or STAM)

2015-10-28 Permalink

A measuring campaign took place by the master students Geomatics at the Ghent City Museum (Stadsmuseum or STAM). For several years the city of Ghent and the Ghent University, Department of Geography, have been working together to document and measure important cultural heritage sites in 3D. During the project, students use and compare several 3D data acquisition methods. This allows the students to implement their theoretical knowledge in the field. The used methods are analysed and critically compared by the students. More info here.

Special Issue of Land Degradation and Development on tropical Africa

2015-10-27 Permalink

The journal Land Degradation and Development has released a special issue related to Environmental conservation for food production and sustainable livelihood in tropical Africa. Prof. Jan Nyssen and Dr. Amaury Frankl (UGent Department of Geography) were in the editorial team. The 14 articles treat subjects such as water and soil conservation in the Sahel, the water balance as well as the braided rivers at the edge of the Ethiopian rift valley, or the woodlands of the equatorial African savannah.

With an Impact Factor of 3.089, LDD is a leading academic journal in the fields of soil science and environmental sciences.

The special issue can be accessed from here.

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Recent publications

Boussauw, K., & Boelens, L. (2016). Fuzzy tales for hard blueprints: the selective coproduction of the Spatial Policy Plan for Flanders, Belgium. ENVIRONMENT AND PLANNING C-GOVERNMENT AND POLICY.
Asfaha, T.-G., Frankl, A., Haile, M., & Nyssen, J. (2016). Catchment rehabilitation and hydro-geomorphic characteristics of mountain streams in the western Rift Valley escarpment of Northern Ethiopia. LAND DEGRADATION & DEVELOPMENT.
Nyssen, J., Frankl, A., Zenebe, A., Deckers, J., & Poesen, J. (2015). Land management in the Northern Ethiopian Highlands: local and global perspectives: past, present and future. LAND DEGRADATION & DEVELOPMENT, 26(7), 759–764.
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