The Physical Geography research group of Ghent University focuses on man-environment interactions in the context of a changing environment.


Research is mainly focussing on hydrogeomorphological processes at various scales from small catchments in Northern France (50-150 ha) to large river basins (Upper Blue Nile) in relationship to land use and cover, land management and climate variability.

Long-term (Late-Holocene), Medium-term (<200 years) and present-day dynamics are studied using various methodologies.

Furthermore, the research group is also involved in geoarcheological investigations in Egypt, Iran, and the study of permafrost in Switzerland and development projects in Ethiopia.

Keywords: geomorphological mapping — SfM-modelling — hydrogeomorphic modelling — run-off and sediment load — permafrost


Since the signing of the Paris Agreement the climate policy landscape is changing rapidly. New international finance mechanisms may help communities in the global South to manage their natural resources more sustainably, whil…

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This project includes four main parts: field investigation, data collection, assessment of desertification process and its driving mechanism research. Datasets of vegetation, climate, soil and land-use are collected as indica…

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