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Johannes De Groeve

+32 (0)9 264 47 12

Krijgslaan 281, S8, 9000 Ghent, Belgium

Johannes De Groeve is active as a PhD-student since 2015 in the Department of Geography (Ugent, Belgium) and the Department of Biodiversity and Molecular Biology (Edmund Mach Foundation, Italy). His doctoral research applies methods often used in time-geography to ecological datasets and aims to gain new insights in spatio-temporal patterns of habitat use by animals.

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  • De Groeve, Van de Weghe, Ranc, Neutens, Ometto, Rota-Stabelli, Cagnacci (2016) — Extracting spatio-temporal patterns in animal trajectories: an ecological application of sequence analysis methods. (In: METHODS IN ECOLOGY AND EVOLUTION)