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Bart De Wit

+32 (0)9 264 46 94
0494 60 50 76

Krijgslaan 281, S8, 9000 Ghent, Belgium

Bart De Wit is a geomatics expert in the department of geography and supports the research, projects and education with GIS platforms and 3D acquisition platforms. Bart is supporter of open source software and low cost acquisition platforms, which can easily adopted for different goals due to their flexibility.

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Recent Publications

  • Ooms, De Maeyer, De Wit, Maddens, Nuttens, Van de Weghe, Vervust (2015) — Design and use of web lectures to enhance GIS teaching and learning strategies: the students' opinions. (In: CARTOGRAPHY AND GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SCIENCE)
  • Verfaillie, De Maeyer, Van de Weghe, De Wit, Kellens, Maddens, Vanopbroeke, Zwartjes (2012) — Bevraging van de GI-arbeidsmarkt 2012: eerste resultaten (juni 2012). (In: DE AARDRIJKSKUNDE : ONDERWIJS IN DE AARDRIJKSKUNDE, SOCIALE VORMING EN MILIEUBEHEER)
  • Nuttens, De Wulf, Bral, De Wit, Carlier, De Ryck, Stal, Constales, De Backer (2012) — Terrestrial laser scanning for tunnel deformation measurements. (In: POSITIONIT)
  • De Maeyer, Ongena, De Vliegher, Maddens, Vanneuville, Van de Weghe, Vanden Abeele, De Wit, Bral (2009) — COSMAS, the Space Reporter - an Educational Tool for Secondary Schools.
  • Bral, De Maeyer, De Wit, Jacobs, Ongena, Zwartjes, Van de Weghe (2009) — GeoloGIS - Development of an Educational Software Module to Understand the Geological Structure of Belgium.
  • Bral, De Wit, Ongena, Van de Weghe, Zwartjes, De Maeyer (2009) — Geo-mobile - The Development of a Set of Interactive Courses related to Geomatics.