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Dr. Kristien Ooms

+32 (0)9 264 46 36

Krijgslaan 281, S8, 9000 Ghent, Belgium

Kristien Ooms is a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Geography since 2013. Kristien focuses on cartographic user research to evaluate the usability of (static and interactive) maps using a mixed methods approach. She is specialized in eye tracking in combination with a statistics and visual analytics. Kristien is currently the Chair of the Commission on Use, User, and Usability Issues of the International Cartographic Association.

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Recent Publications

  • Ooms, Dupont, Lapon, Popelka (2015) — Accuracy and precision of fixation locations recorded with the low-cost Eye Tribe tracker in different experimental setups. (In: JOURNAL OF EYE MOVEMENT RESEARCH)
  • Ooms (2016) — Opleidingen in de cartografie in Belgi√ę.
  • Dupont, Ooms, Antrop, Van Eetvelde (2016) — Comparing saliency maps and eye-tracking focus maps: the potential use in visual impact assessment based on landscape photographs. (In: LANDSCAPE AND URBAN PLANNING)
  • Deeb, Ooms, Van Eetvelde, De Maeyer (2015) — Towards a deeper understanding of cartographic text visualization: assessment of user preferences and colour influence. (In: CARTOGRAPHIC JOURNAL)
  • Fuellhart, Ooms, Derudder, O'Connor (2016) — Patterns of US air transport across the economic unevenness of 2003-2013. (In: JOURNAL OF MAPS)
  • Ooms, De Maeyer, Dupont, Van der Veken, Van de Weghe, Verplaetse (2016) — Education in cartography: what is the status of young people's map-reading skills? (In: CARTOGRAPHY AND GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SCIENCE)
  • Deeb, Ooms, Brychtov√°, Van Eetvelde, De Maeyer (2015) — Background and foreground interaction: influence of complementary colors on the search task. (In: COLOR RESEARCH AND APPLICATION)
  • Ooms, De Maeyer, De Wit, Maddens, Nuttens, Van de Weghe, Vervust (2015) — Design and use of web lectures to enhance GIS teaching and learning strategies: the students' opinions. (In: CARTOGRAPHY AND GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SCIENCE)
  • Ooms, De Maeyer, Fack (2015) — Listen to the map user: cognition, memory, and expertise. (In: CARTOGRAPHIC JOURNAL)
  • Ooms, Coltekin, De Maeyer, Dupont, Fabrikant, Incoul, Kuhn, Slabbinck, Vansteenkiste, Van der Haegen (2015) — Combining user logging with eye tracking for interactive and dynamic applications. (In: BEHAVIOR RESEARCH METHODS)