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Dr. Tijs Neutens

+32 (0)9 264 46 96

Krijgslaan 281, S8, 9000 Ghent, Belgium

Tijs Neutens holds a Master in Geography and Geomatics and a PhD in Geography (2010, Ghent University). His research addresses various questions in the realm of transport and health geography through the use of GIS. In particular, the focus of Tijs’ research is on the analysis of spatial differences and individual disparities in space-time accessibility using concepts from time geography.

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Research Unit

Recent Publications

  • Dewulf, Neutens, Van Dyck, De Bourdeaudhuij, Broekx, Beckx, Van de Weghe (2016) — Associations between time spent in green areas and physical activity among late middle-aged adults. (In: GEOSPATIAL HEALTH)
  • Chavoshi, De Baets, Neutens, Delafontaine, De Tré, Van de Weghe (2015) — Movement pattern analysis based on sequence signatures. (In: ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information)
  • Neutens, Daniels, Minnen, Glorieux, De Maeyer, Van de Weghe (2014) — Spatial and temporal fluctuations in individual accessibility: a comparative analysis among subgroups of the population. (In: GEOGRAFISK TIDSSKRIFT-DANISH JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHY)
  • De Groeve, Van de Weghe, Ranc, Neutens, Ometto, Rota-Stabelli, Cagnacci (2016) — Extracting spatio-temporal patterns in animal trajectories: an ecological application of sequence analysis methods. (In: METHODS IN ECOLOGY AND EVOLUTION)
  • Teimouri, Delavar, Chavoshi, Malek, Van de Weghe, Neutens, Hochmair (2015) — Accommodating user preferences in ad hoc shared ride trip planning using GIS. (In: TRANSPORTATION PLANNING AND TECHNOLOGY)
  • Claeys Boùùaert, De Baets, Vervust, Neutens, De Maeyer, Van de Weghe (2016) — Computation and visualisation of the accuracy of old maps using differential distortion analysis. (In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION SCIENCE)
  • Dewulf, Neutens, Lefebvre, Seynaeve, Vanpoucke, Beckx, Van de Weghe (2016) — Dynamic assessment of exposure to air pollution using mobile phone data. (In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HEALTH GEOGRAPHICS)
  • Dewulf, Neutens, Van Dyck, De Bourdeaudhuij, Int Panis, Beckx, Van de Weghe (2016) — Dynamic assessment of inhaled air pollution using GPS and accelerometer data. (In: JOURNAL OF TRANSPORT & HEALTH)
  • Chavoshi, De Baets, Neutens, De Tré, Van de Weghe (2015) — Exploring dance movement data using sequence alignment methods. (In: PLOS ONE)
  • Chavoshi, De Baets, Qiang, De Tré, Neutens, Van de Weghe (2015) — A qualitative approach to the identification, visualisation and interpretation of repetitive motion patterns in groups of moving point objects. (In: INTERNATIONAL ARAB JOURNAL OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY)