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Prof. dr. Nico Van de Weghe

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Krijgslaan 281, S8, 9000 Ghent, Belgium

Nico Van de Weghe is professor in geomatics. He is specialised in geographical information science (focus on analysis and modelling of spatiotemporal information, going from mobility research to sports analytics), and he has a broad experience in setting up practical experiments in the area of geographical information technology (focus on tracking of moving objects and location based services).

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Recent Publications

  • Dewulf, Neutens, Van Dyck, De Bourdeaudhuij, Broekx, Beckx, Van de Weghe (2016) — Associations between time spent in green areas and physical activity among late middle-aged adults. (In: GEOSPATIAL HEALTH)
  • Zhang, Beernaerts, Zhang, Van de Weghe (2016) — Visual exploration of match performance based on football movement data using the Continuous Triangular Model. (In: APPLIED GEOGRAPHY)
  • Mertens, Van Dyck, Ghekiere, De Bourdeaudhuij, Deforche, Van de Weghe, Van Cauwenberg (2016) — Which environmental factors most strongly influence a street's appeal for bicycle transport among adults?: a conjoint study using manipulated photographs. (In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HEALTH GEOGRAPHICS)
  • Van Holle, Van Cauwenberg, De Bourdeaudhuij, Deforche, Van de Weghe, Van Dyck (2016) — Interactions between neighborhood social environment and walkability to explain Belgian older adults' physical activity and sedentary time. (In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND PUBLIC HEALTH)
  • Mertens, Van Cauwenberg, Ghekiere, De Bourdeaudhuij, Deforche, Van de Weghe, Van Dyck (2016) — Differences in environmental preferences towards cycling for transport among adults: a latent class analysis. (In: BMC PUBLIC HEALTH)
  • Chavoshi, De Baets, Neutens, Delafontaine, De Tré, Van de Weghe (2015) — Movement pattern analysis based on sequence signatures. (In: ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information)
  • Neutens, Daniels, Minnen, Glorieux, De Maeyer, Van de Weghe (2014) — Spatial and temporal fluctuations in individual accessibility: a comparative analysis among subgroups of the population. (In: GEOGRAFISK TIDSSKRIFT-DANISH JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHY)
  • De Groeve, Van de Weghe, Ranc, Neutens, Ometto, Rota-Stabelli, Cagnacci (2016) — Extracting spatio-temporal patterns in animal trajectories: an ecological application of sequence analysis methods. (In: METHODS IN ECOLOGY AND EVOLUTION)
  • Teimouri, Delavar, Chavoshi, Malek, Van de Weghe, Neutens, Hochmair (2015) — Accommodating user preferences in ad hoc shared ride trip planning using GIS. (In: TRANSPORTATION PLANNING AND TECHNOLOGY)
  • Mavridis, Bellotto, Iliopoulos, Van de Weghe (2015) — QTC(3D): extending the qualitative trajectory calculus to three dimensions. (In: INFORMATION SCIENCES)