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Therese Ongena

+32 (0)9 264 47 03

Krijgslaan 281, S8, 9000 Ghent, Belgium

Trees Ongena, works at the Department of Geography as a practice assistant. Her teaching activities mainly focus on geomatics and GIS related subjects such as introduction to GIS and remote sensing.

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Research Units

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Recent Publications

  • Stal, De Wulf, De Coene, De Maeyer, Nuttens, Ongena (2012) — Digital representation of historical globes: methods to make 3D and pseudo-3D models of sixteenth century Mercator globes. (In: CARTOGRAPHIC JOURNAL)
  • De Coene, Ongena, Stragier, Vervust, Bracke, De Maeyer (2012) — Ferraris, the legend. (In: CARTOGRAPHIC JOURNAL)
  • De Maeyer, Ongena, De Vliegher, Maddens, Vanneuville, Van de Weghe, Vanden Abeele, De Wit, Bral (2009) — COSMAS, the Space Reporter - an Educational Tool for Secondary Schools.
  • Bral, De Maeyer, De Wit, Jacobs, Ongena, Zwartjes, Van de Weghe (2009) — GeoloGIS - Development of an Educational Software Module to Understand the Geological Structure of Belgium.
  • Bral, De Wit, Ongena, Van de Weghe, Zwartjes, De Maeyer (2009) — Geo-mobile - The Development of a Set of Interactive Courses related to Geomatics.
  • De Dapper, De Maeyer, Goossens, Ongena (1988) — The use of SPOT-imagery for the detection geomorphological and superficial hydrogeological phenomena in the Lubumhasi area (Shaba, Zaire). (In: Bulletin de la Société Belge de Géologie)
  • Antrop, Ongena, Sevenant, Van Eetvelde (2007) — Cultural Landscape paths in a polarised Belgium..
  • Vander Beken, Vermeulen, Ongena (2004) — Belgium: concurrent national and international criminal jurisdiction and the principle Ne bis in idem. (In: REVUE INTERNATIONALE DE DROIT PENAL)