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Axel Annaert

0477 43 60 48

Krijgslaan 281, S8, 9000 Ghent, Belgium

Capt. Axel Annaert (°1961) is a full time lecturer at the Antwerp Maritime Academy, where he graduated as a Master in Nautical Sciences. After his career at sea he started a university education to become a ‘Master of Geometics and Surveying’ at the University of Ghent, where he is now a PhD student. Axel is at present involved in a research project on the displacement of the channels in the River Scheldt. He is also ingaged in the postgraduate programme ‘Hydrography (cat B)’, a joint venture between the UGhent and the AMA. Axel is at the moment the president of the Antwerp branch of the Royal Society of Landsurveyors and a vice-president of the Belgian Seaofficers’ Associaton.

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