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Ir. Mario Vanlommel

+32 (0)9 264 46 95

Krijgslaan 281, S8, 9000 Ghent, Belgium

Research Unit

Recent Publications

  • Vanlommel, Houbraken, Audenaert, Logghe, Pickavet, De Maeyer (2015) — An evaluation of section control based on floating car data. (In: TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PART C-EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES)
  • Dewulf, Neutens, Vanlommel, Logghe, De Maeyer, Witlox, De Weerdt, Van de Weghe (2015) — Examining commuting patterns using Floating Car Data and circular statistics: exploring the use of new methods and visualizations to study travel times. (In: JOURNAL OF TRANSPORT GEOGRAPHY)