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Seyed Hossein Chavosi

+32 (0)9 264 46 95

Krijgslaan 281, S8, 9000 Ghent, Belgium

Research Unit

Recent Publications

  • Chavoshi, De Baets, Neutens, Delafontaine, De Tré, Van de Weghe (2015) — Movement pattern analysis based on sequence signatures. (In: ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information)
  • Teimouri, Delavar, Chavoshi, Malek, Van de Weghe, Neutens, Hochmair (2015) — Accommodating user preferences in ad hoc shared ride trip planning using GIS. (In: TRANSPORTATION PLANNING AND TECHNOLOGY)
  • Chavoshi, De Baets, Neutens, De Tré, Van de Weghe (2015) — Exploring dance movement data using sequence alignment methods. (In: PLOS ONE)
  • Chavoshi, De Baets, Qiang, De Tré, Neutens, Van de Weghe (2015) — A qualitative approach to the identification, visualisation and interpretation of repetitive motion patterns in groups of moving point objects. (In: INTERNATIONAL ARAB JOURNAL OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY)
  • Qiang, Chavoshi, Logghe, De Maeyer, Van de Weghe (2014) — Multi-scale analysis of linear data in a two-dimensional space. (In: INFORMATION VISUALIZATION)
  • Chavoshi (2014) — New directions in the analysis of movement patterns in space and time.
  • Chavoshi, De Baets, Neutens, Ban, Ahlqvist, De Tré, Van de Weghe (2014) — Knowledge discovery in choreographic data using Relative Motion matrices and Dynamic Time Warping. (In: APPLIED GEOGRAPHY)