Prof. dr. Ben Derudder

Prof. dr. Ben Derudder
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Ben Derudder (°1976, Kortrijk) is Professor of Human Geography at the Department of Geography, Marie Curie Research Fellow under the Seventh Framework Programme, and Associate Director of the Globalization and World Cities research group and network (GaWC). His research focuses on (I) the conceptualization and empirical analysis of transnational urban networks, (II) the (persisting) importance of business travel in the global economy, and (III) the interaction between social network analysis and spatial modeling techniques. He teaches courses on human geography, global city-formation, and methods and techniques in geographical research.


  • 2007-present: Professor of Human Geography, Ghent University
  • 2013-present: Senior Research Fellow in Human Geography, Monash University
  • 2014-present: Senior Visiting Professor, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • 2010-2011 and 2013-present: Chairman of the Educational Board for Geography/Geomatics/Surveying
  • 2011-present: Marie Curie Research Fellow (FP7, Ghent University/Monash University
  • 2001-2007: Research Assistant and Post-Doctoral Assistant of Human Geography, Ghent University


  • 2006: PhD Geography (Ghent University)
  • 1999: MSc Aid & Development (Ghent University)
  • 1998: MSc Geography (Ghent University)

Membership of Editorial Boards and Committees

  • Editorial Board Geography Compass (Urban Geography Section)
  • Guest editor of special issue of Geografiska Annaler B on 'Business Travel' (2009)
  • Guest editor of special issue of Urban Studies on 'Longitudinal Patterns of world city network formation' (2010)
  • Guest editor of special issue of Global Networks on 'World city Networks & Global Commodity Chains' (2010)
  • Guest editor of special issue of Journal of Urban Technology on ‘Cyberspace and World Cities’ (2011) (together with F. Witlox)
  • Guest editor of special issue of Belgeo on ‘Urban Studies in Belgium’ (2011) (together with S. Oosterlynck)
  • Guest editor of special issue of TESG on ‘The Interlocking City Network Model’ (2014) (together with C. Parnreiter)

Key book publications

  • Taylor, P.J., Derudder, B., Saey, P. & Witlox, F. (eds.) (2007) Cities in Globalization. Theories, policies, practices. London: Routledge.
  • Beaverstock, J., Derudder, B., Faulconbridge, J. & Witlox, F. (eds.) (2009) Business Travel in the Global Economy. London: Ashgate.
  • Derudder, B., Witlox, F. & Rozenblat, C. (eds.) (2010) Commodity Chains and World Cities. Oxford: Blackwell.
  • Derudder, B., Hoyler, M., Taylor, P.J. & Witlox, F. (eds.) (2012) The International Handbook of Globalization and World Cities. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.
  • Taylor, P., Beaverstock, J., Derudder, B., Faulconbridge, J., Harrison, J., Hoyler, M., Pain, K. & Witlox, F. (ds.) (2013) Routledge Major Works: Global Cities. London: Routledge.

Key journal publications

  • Derudder B., Taylor P.J., Witlox F. & Catalano G. (2003) Hierarchical Tendencies and Regional Patterns in the World City Network: A Global Urban Analysis of 234 Cities. Regional Studies 37(9), pp. 875-886.
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  • Brown, E., Derudder, B., Parnreiter, C., Pelupessy, W., Taylor, P.J. & Witlox, F. (2010) World city networks and global commodity chains: towards a world-systems’ integration, Global Networks 10(1), 12-34.
  • Bassens, D., Derudder, B. & Witlox, F. (2010) Searching for the Mecca of finance: Islamic financial services and the world city network. AREA, 42(1), 35-46. (Winner of the 2010 Wiley–Blackwell Publishers Area Prize for New Research in Geography)
  • Derudder, B., Taylor P., Ni P., De Vos A., Hoyler M., Hanssens H., Bassens D., Huang J., Witlox F., Shen, W. & Yang X. (2010) Pathways of Change: Shifting Connectivities in the World City Network, 2000-2008. Urban Studies, 47(9), 1861-1877.
  • Good, P., Derudder, B. & Witlox F. (2011) The regionalization of Africa: Delineating Africa’s subregions using airline data. Journal of Geography, 110(5), 179-190. (Winner of the 2012 National Council for Geographic Foundation’s (NGCE) ‘Best Article’ award)
  • Liu, X. & Derudder, B. (2013) Analyzing urban networks through the lens of corporate networks: a critical review. Cities, 31, 430-437.
  • Taylor, P.J., Derudder, B., Hoyler, M. & Ni, P. (2013) New Regional Geographies of the World as Practised by Leading Advanced Producer Service Firms in 2010. Transactions, Institute of British Geographers, 38(3), 497-511.
  • Liu, X, Derudder, B., Liu, Y., Shen, W. & Witlox, F. (2013) A stochastic actor-based modelling of the evolution of an intercity corporate network. Environment and Planning A, Vol. 45 (4), pp. 947-966.
  • Van de Vijver, E., Derudder, B. & Witlox, F. (2014) Exploring causality in trade and air passenger travel relationships: the case of Asia-Pacific, 1980-2010. Journal of Transport Geography, 34, 142-50.
  • Taylor, P.J., Derudder, B., Faulconbrdige, J., Hoyler, M. & Ni, P. (2014) Vital Positioning through the World City Network: Advanced Producer Service Firms as Strategic Networks, Global Cities as Strategic Places. Economic Geography, in press.
  • Hennemann, S. & Derudder, B. (2014) An Alternative Approach to the Calculation and Analysis of Connectivity in the World City Network. Environment and Planning B, in press.