Land degradation and resilience in natural and renatured areas in north-west Europe

The research group on Physical Geography at Ghent University carries out research on land degradation and particularly resilience in natural and renatured areas in north-west Europe. This includes a wide range of study topics including the study of the renaturation and slope processes on mine spoil heaps, the effects of renaturation of rivers on hydrogeomorphology (focusing on the role of beaver dams), Quaternary slope processes in mountain areas, sediment deposition in deserted rivers and the impact of wild boars on erosion and deposition in forests. These are mostly done through MSc. master studies and try to answer boarder societal question such as the determination of risks involved with the rehabilitation of mine soil heaps (‘terrils’) as green lungs in industrial areas, understanding the effects of beaver populations on catchment hydrology and potentials for flood control in rivers, understanding palaeo-environments in their geomorphological functioning, and the impact growing wild boar populations on erosion dynamics.

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