Ghent-Lille geomorphological investigations: hydrogeomorphology in the Aa river basin

The GeLiGeo project is a research cooperation between the Physical Geography group of Ghent University and the UFR de Géographie et Aménagement of the University Lille I (France). The Aa valley has been selected as a key study area to investigate the impact of land management and climate change on runoff and erosion dynamics at the scale of small (ephemeral) gully catchments. Therefore, collaboration agreements have been established with local authorities, private/public bodies and communities, especially with the SmageAa, a local syndicate that facilitates and supports the implementation of erosion control structures in the Aa valley. Research methodologies include the use of UAV to map and quantify gully erosion networks, automatic runoff and sediment samplers to quantify catchment runoff and sediment yield, soil mapping for soil characterization, and more. Fieldwork campaigns have been organized between 2013 and 2016, and the project was followed-up by FASCINation.

Research units

Staff members


  • prof. dr. Pierre-Gil Salvador (UFR de Géographie et Aménagement, Université Lille I)

  • SmageAa