Talus slope geomorphology as impacted by permafrost thaw (Valais, Switzerland)

Talus slopes are one of the most common landform in high mountain environments and an important debris storage. Therefore, they're often subjected to geomorphological processes, such as different types of mass wasting (debris flows, permafrost creep, landslides, ….). The current and historical geomorphological dynamics of these slopes will be assessed, together with potential permafrost distribution. By doing so, this study will answer following question: “To which extent will climate-induced permafrost degradation impact geomorphological processes on talus slopes?”

More info here: https://www.researchgate.net/project/Talus-slope-dynamics-in-a-permafrost-environment-Valais-Switzerland

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  • Prof. Dr. Reynald Delaloye, Fribourg University (Switzerland)