3D Archaeology in the Altai Region in Siberia (Russia)

Since 2005, the 3D Data research group supports the field surveys, of the Department of Archaeology, to the Altai Region in Siberia, Russia. This region is a very important archaeological heritage area in the world. Scattered throughout the region are hundreds of burial mounds, ritual sites and petroglyphs etc., from the Neolithic period to the Middle Ages. Research of these relics helps to understand the life of Eurasian nomads in the 4th century BC. Due to climate change, the documentation of the frozen tombs is imperative. The final aim of the project is to understand why these fascinating structures were placed throughout the landscape, during centuries, by different civilizations. This can only be realized through the precise localization of the complex and rich archaeological patrimony in the region.

Research units

Staff members


  • Vakgroep Archeologie, UGent (Prof. dr. Jean Bourgeois, Prof. dr. Wouter Gheyle)