EURECA: Finding traces of European culture in archive collections and investigating cultural differences through social media data.

This collaborative project with TU Wien follows the trends towards location-based services (LBS) and personalized/contextualized content and investigates them in the context of cultural heritage collections of European city archives and social media data. We focus on finding traces (or origins/influences) of European regions that have shaped the cities in which we live today and will develop tools to easily explore them when visiting a city. Different historical, architectural, economic, political and cultural reasons form the base of these traces, and we will use input from each of these domains to reveal the cultural heritage items that can be linked to these specific European regions/origins.

We will also investigate the cultural differences and interests of tourists visiting European cities based on their country of origin. To achieve this, social media data from geotagged Flickr and Twitter posts will be analyzed so we can assign clusters of tags to each point of interest in the city. Then we can filter and compare the different clusters and activity of tourists from different countries, revealing differences (or similarities) between their behavior and cultural interests.

Research units

Staff members


  • Prof. dr. Steven Verstockt (Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Department of Electronics and information systems;

  • Prof. dr. Georg Gartner (Research Division Cartography, Department of Geodesy and Geoinformation, TU Wien;

  • Msc. Francisco Porras (Research Division Cartography, Department of Geodesy and Geoinformation, TU Wien;