Characterizing soil moisture variability for prediction of drought and precipitation in Xinjiang, China

Soil moisture is an important parameter in the fields of hydrology, meteorology and agricultural science. Its spatial and temporal distributions have strong effects on water, energy and biogeochemical balances. Xinjiang is located in the arid region of northwestern China and features with extremely scarce water resources and a fragile ecosystem. The study of soil moisture is important for local water resource management, ecosystem protection, prevention of drought and climate system operation. In this project, we construct a complete framework for soil moisture research and aim: (1) to investigate the spatiotemporal characteristics of soil moisture; (2) to quantify the effects of climate and vegetation on soil moisture; (3) to monitor and predict droughts based on soil moisture and precipitation indices; and (4) to detect the effects of soil moisture on precipitation to help improve the ability of precipitation forecasting.

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  • Jing Yang, Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography (XIEG), Chinese Acagemy of Sciences (CAS)