I-Use: I Use Statistics in Education

Data overwhelms our modern lives. Statistical approaches offer tools to help organize and interpret data. The site provides easily accessible statistics both readymade and links to databases. The aim is to enlarge the use of updated statistics in education for both students and teachers.

The objective of I-Use is to focus on teaching and learning activities considered necessary for the professional development of teachers who can support their students in becoming statistically literate people, capable of reasoning from and about information and making informed decisions based on quantitative information.

In short the Project aims to help pupils and teachers:

• cope with an over-abundance of information-rich resources

• engage students and teachers in learning to use statistics and working with statistics

• make statistical education more visible under the LLLP

• be prepared for the technology-mediated nature of working with statistical information

• keep up with web-based innovation

• develop their statistical competence

• receive training related to different subjects

All material can be found on : http://www.i-use.eu

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