Water and sediment budgets of Lake Tana for optimisation of land management and water allocation (Wase-Tana)

This project, in northwest Ethiopia, will (1) increase the understanding of hydrology and sediment in order to develop tools and strategies that would contribute to proper planning and management of land and water resources of the Lake Tana basin, and hence (2) enhance the capacity of Bahir Dar University and local institutions (PhD and MSc training) and to promote integration among stakeholders dealing with land and water issues. A hydrological model and a sediment budget will be quantified for Lake Tana basin; catchment management maps and decision support system for water allocation will be prepared; and research outcomes made available to stakeholder organizations, policy makers and the broad public. The overall developmental objective of the project is to contribute to sustainable management of land and water resources in Lake Tana basin. The project will provide scientific evidence and raise awareness about water and sediment problems associated to the lake and show alternative options to minimize these problems and bring sustained use of the land resources and lake.

The international TROPILAKES conference (Bahir Dar, 23 - 29 September 2015) was organised in the framework of the WASE-TANA project. Click here for a report.

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