Mobility budget

The fiscal attractiveness of company cars acts as a decisive catalyst for mobility problems in Flanders, such as congestion, parking problems and increasing CO2 emissions. Today, in Belgium, over 500.000 company cars are involved in daily commuting. However, the budget that is now solely granted to the use and maintenance of a company car, could as well be managed to provide employees in a broader array of (multimodal) alternatives to choose from, according to the factual needs of each individual household: public transport, (electric) bike or scooter, car sharing, etc. This customized mobility budget therefore allows employees to choose from a range of alternatives according to their own preferences and lifestyle. Together with executive partners VIM, KPMG, Traject, Athlon Mobility Consultancy, Mobility Concept and Plugin2Drive, the SEG research group examines the impact of implementing a mobility budget on the commuting behavior of a selected group of employees within 25 Belgian companies. Final evaluation and reporting is scheduled medio 2016.

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