CHeriScape Cultural Heritage in Landscape

We are a landscape-focussed network funded as part of the transnational pilot call of the European Joint Programming Initiative on Cultural Heritage. Landscape and cultural heritage are tightly and closely linked ideas. They are mutually supportive, and in conjunction they offer a way to realise the social and economic benefits of both. Heritage in all its diverse manifestations daily enriches peopleís landscapes. At the same time, the idea of landscape provides a global framework within which heritage can be differently understood, cherished and protected. It is a way of seeing that helps us to understand our place in the world, and one which transcend disciplinary boundaries, thus offering ëheritageí a wider audience and participation as well as new horizons of understanding and context. Over our three year lifetime (2014-2016) we will organise five international and interdisciplinary conferences hosted in each of our partner countries, on the theme of ëlandscape as heritageí. These five conferences will form an integrated and coherent series. Each will have a distinctive special focus but all will revolve around the single overall theme of ëlandscape as heritageí. At their heart, will be discussion between researchers, policy makers and other stakeholders, and we will use those discussions and sharing of experience and knowledge to create a new generation of understanding and aspirations within both research and policy fields.

Research units

Staff members


  • Newcastle University (UK)

  • Ghent University (BEL)

  • Curtural Heritage Agency (NED)

  • Wageningen UR (NED)

  • CSIC (SPA)

  • NIKU (NOR)

  • Bioforsk (NOR)