Modelling and inventorizing heritage in Xinjiang (China)

In the Chinese Xinjiang region, different field campaigns (2014-2015) were set up to collect data using various land survey techniques of the Yar City ruins on the one hand and the numerous karez (underground channels) on the other hand. For the Yar City ruins, highly accurate and realistic 3D models were created using photographs taken from different platforms (UAV, fishing pole). The different karez were measured and inventorized in order to gain insights on their age and genesis. These field campaigns are set up in the context of the cooperation agreement between Ghent University and the Xinjiang Institute for Ecology and Geography (Chinese Academy of Sciences) en de Academia Turfanica.

Research units

Staff members


  • Department of Archaeology, UGent (Prof. dr. Jean Bourgeois)

  • Xinjiang Institute for Ecology and Geography, Chinese Academy of Sciences (Prof. A. Kurban)

  • Xinjiang Turpan Bureau of Cultural Heritage (Academia Turfanica)

  • Department of Civil Engineering, UGent (Prof. dr. ing. Greet Deruyter)