Monitoring tides at open sea

The Flemish Agency of Maritime and Coastal Service (MDK) is responsible for a safe and smooth shipping traffic from and to Flemish harbours. Other main objectives of this governmental organization are coastal protection, as well as integrated and sustainable management of the seashore. A recent collaboration between the MDK and our research group concerns the development of processing algorithms for GNSS measurements from a buoy in the North Sea. These measurements allow tidal monitoring at open sea, and require the highest possible accuracy and certainty in a limited time frame. Consequently, procedures for the improvement and assessment of the data quality are indispensable. Our research group aims to find a solution for these challenges using open-source software and advanced statistical and mathematical tools. Measurements from other sensors, like wind speed, temperature, pressure, wave heights,... are also incorporated in the analyses.

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  • Vlaams Agentschap voor Maritieme Dienstverlening, dienst Kust (Ir. Hans Poppe)