Geomorphological mapping, land degradation and resilience in the western Balkans

In terms of landforms, the western Balkan shows a great variability, ranging from sand and rock coasts (some corresponding to a ria coast), karst plateaus, large (intra-montane) poljes, high mountains holding a (peri)glacial imprint, canyons, and more. In order to study these features and their variability, geomorphological maps have been prepared for the region at various scales (country-scale of Montenegro, karst poljes and cold mountain areas). Driven land abandonment, large parts of the western Balkan have known a spectacular vegetation cover increase over the past decades, which also translates in hydrogeomorphological changes. Our research in the western Balkan mainly focuses on Montenegro where research is carried out by MSc. thesis students, that work in close collaboration with the local team at the University of Montenegro.

Research units

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  • dr. Velibor Spalevic (University of Belgrado)

  • Milic Curovic (University of Montenegro)