Fangli Guan succesfully defended his PhD


Friday, February 24, 2023, Fangli Guan successfully defended his PhD: “Modelling of the Scene Complexity of Navigation Environments and Visual Areas of Interest for Egocentric Pedestrian Navigation Systems Using Street-View Panoramas”. Supervisors are Prof. dr. Haosheng Huang (UGent) and Prof. dr. Zhixiang Fang (LIESMARS, WHU). Committee members: Chair: Prof. dr. Veerle Van Eetvelde (UGent), Co-chair: Prof. dr. Bisheng Yang (LIESMARS, WHU), Prof. dr. Nico Van de Weghe (UGent), Dr. Laure De Cock (UGent), Prof. dr. Biyu Chen (LIESMARS, WHU), Prof. dr. Shen Ying (LIESMARS, WHU)

Congratulations Fangli.