Huili HE successfully defended her PhD


On 29th November 2021, Huili He successfully defended her PhD "Impacts of land use/land cover change on regional climate in the Aral Sea region". She obtained the double degree of Doctor in Sciences: Geography (UGent) and Doctorate of Science: Cartography and Geographic Information System (XIEG-CAS, UCAS). Supervisors were Prof. Piet Termonia (WE05) and Prof. Philippe De Maeyer (WE12) from UGent and Prof. Geping Luo from XIEG (Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography, Chinese Academy of Sciences). The purpose of this thesis is to study the impact of LULCC on the climate of the Aral Sea region by conducting model simulations, using multiple data sources to assess climate change in Central Asia over historical and future periods. The climate effect of LULCC is studied by comparing different scenarios, with and without LULCC, with and without the Aral Sea, and with and without future restoration of the Aral Sea, which is carried out by coupling the regional climate model ALARO with the land surface model SURFEX. The spatial pattern changes and temporal evolution of climate zone shifts in Central Asia are characterized using the Köppen-Geiger climate classification, and climate change in Central Asia is assessed for the period 1980-2100.