Touring Scientific Award for Caroline Beckers


Every year, the Touring Scientific Award for Geography and Geomatics and Land Surveying is awarded to the student who achieved the best annual result in the second Master of Science in Geography or the second Master of Science in Geomatics and Land Surveying at Ghent University. This year’s award goes to Caroline Beckers. In her master thesis entitled ‘Bottlenecks and barriers of the mobility budget according to employers and employees' (promoter Prof. Frank Witlox) she investigated how sustainable and flexible commuting can be realised in Flanders. In order to gain a complete overview of the bottlenecks of the mobility budget, both the employer and the employee's perspective were examined. 243 people and 18 companies (with the cooperation of the Federation of Enterprises in Belgium (VBO)) were interviewed. The main bottlenecks are the high administrative burdens, the low familiarity of the concept and the complicated legislation. It is clear that the mobility budget is still in its early phase, but with the new legislation and emerging interest it becomes possible to make commuting more sustainable step by step. The results of the master thesis are processed in a scientific publication.