Hanne Glas successfully defended her PhD


On May 20th 2021, Hanne Glas successfully defended her PhD entitled Flood Risk Mapping for All: A Generic Flood Risk Assessment Methodology for the Small Island Developing States. The Small Island Developing States (SIDS) group 52 countries and territories located in the regions of Latin-America, the Caribbean, East Asia and the Pacific, characterized by low-lying, densely populated coastal areas and development challenges due to an unstable economy and political situation. After a general background discussion on the need for adequate flood risk assessment worldwide, Hanne Glas presented a first case study, carried out for the coastal town of Annotto Bay in Jamaica. Other case studies were realised in the floodplain of the river Moustiques, in the northeast of Haiti. As there was less data available for this rural region than is minimally required for an adequate flood risk assessment, new input data needed to be acquired. Especially historic flood data, for which existing acquisition methods are inaccessible or insufficient is lacking. New methods for generating flood input data based on the knowledge of the inhabitants of the area were developed using the memory of people affected by past floods on the damages they suffered but also based on the input from the questionnaires, supplemented with existing data, literature, field data, and open-source data. She designed a generic and flexible methodology for mapping flood hazard, vulnerability and risk in study areas worldwide. She acquired the degree of Doctor of Engineering Technology. Supervisors of the research were Prof. Greet Deruyter (EA15) and Prof. Philippe De Maeyer (WE12).