Launch of ‘Tigray: Atlas of the Humanitarian Situation’


At the beginning of November 2020, an armed conflict emerged in Tigray, Ethiopia’s northernmost region. This conflict emerged on top of the ongoing covid-19 pandemic and in the aftermath of a destructive locust plague. Therefore, the objective of our atlas is to document and map the situation in which approximately 6 million Tigrayans currently find themselves. The nineteen conventional maps in our atlas and the data layers in the interactive Web Application provide detailed background information related to administrative divisions, social and natural resources, and give an overview of locations of internally displaced people, massacres and civilian casualties (nearly 7000 civilian casualties have been reported so far). Humanitarian access and needs are mapped also, based on official data on humanitarian aid distribution. The final outlook in the atlas, forewarns that a continuation of the Tigray war may lead to another failed harvest in the next growing season as most farmers will need safe access to their farming fields, already by the month of April.

For more information: Annys, S., Vanden Bempt, T., Negash, E., De Sloover, L., Nyssen, J., 2021. Tigray: atlas of the humanitarian situation. Journal of Maps, preprint.

Link to Web Application: