Johannes De Groeve successfully defended his PhD


On September 24th, Johannes De Groeve successfully defended his PhD at Ghent University. His research was supervised by Prof. dr. Nico Van de Weghe (UGent) and Dr. Francesca Cagnacci (FEM-CRI). He obtained the degree of "Doctor of Science: Geography”. Johannes De Groeve defended his thesis entitled “A wildlife journey in space and time - Methodological advancements in the assessment and analysis of spatio-temporal patterns of animal movement across European landscapes”. The research reported in this dissertation was conducted at the CartoGIS research unit, Department of Geography (Faculty of Sciences, Ghent University, UGent, België) and at the Applied Ecology research unit of the Biodiversity & Molecular Ecology Department (Research and Innovation Center, Fondazione Edmund Mach, FEM-CRI, Italy).