Two UGent MSc students study ecosystem services in relation to reforestation in Ethiopia


Two Geography master students are currently in Ethiopia, carrying out fieldwork for their MSc thesis, in the framework of the VLIR-UOS South Initiative “Estimating the potential of ecosystem service valorisation from exclosures in the Tembien Highlands” and the “EthioTrees” project. Together with promoters and the local team, they investigated the woodlands where Ethiopia’s world-famous incense is harvested. In the Giba River gorge (Tigray), the team was pictured under incense trees (Boswellia papyrifera): from left to right: Ato Hagos (local incense resin tapper), Dr. Abraha Gebrekidan and Dr. Dereje Teklemariam (Mekelle University), Prof. Sil Lanckriet and Prof. Jan Nyssen (UGent, Dept. Geography), Jonathan De Deyn and Arno Moerdijk (UGent MSc students in Geography).