Geographical research on one of the highest mountains in Ethiopa


In the framework of university development cooperation, UGent’s department of Geography carries out research in Afro-alpine environments. On Mt. Guna in Ethiopia (4120 m), source of three major rivers, Adugnaw Birhanu prepares a PhD about the overall hydrology and hydrogeology. The research visit by a Belgian-Ethiopian team on 14 July 2018 included, from left to right: Dr. Mekete Dessie (Bahir Dar University - BDU), Prof. Enyew Adgo (BDU, promoter), Prof. Ann Van Griensven (VUB), Prof. Kristine Walraevens (UGent Geology, promoter), Prof. Jan Nyssen (UGent Geography, promoter), Desale Kidane (BDU and UGent), Adugnaw Birhanu (Debre Tabor University, UGent Geography, PhD student), Alemu Yenehun (BDU and UGent), Deribew Fante (BDU), Kenneth Seys (UGent), and Hanibal Lemma (BDU and UGent geography). The photographer was Fenta Nigate (UGent and BDU). Funding for the research is provided by UGent’s BOF (Special Research Fund) and logistic support by the Bahir Dar University Institutional University Cooperation (VLIR-UOS).