3D acquisition and processing in Edzna (Campeche, Mexico)


Students Laure De Cock and Sanne Cartreul, assisted by Bart De Wit and Britt Lonneville, are currently conducting the fieldwork for their master’s thesis on the archaeological site of Edzna in Mexico. The research is performed in the context of a cooperation with the Mexican cultural heritage organisation INAH (Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia). The purpose of the students’ research is the detection of archaeological mounds, using infrared images and classical photos captured with a camera mounted on a drone. The images are then being transformed into a 3D model using photo modelling. The results will be used for further archaeological research and even detection, excavation and conservation of the remains. On Octobre 10-11 the Seminario sobre tecnologias para la documentacion digital del patrimonio cultural: ventajas y desventajas was organized at INAH led by Philippe De Maeyer (UGent) and Mario Hernandez (ISPRS).