Xiapeng Jiang

PhD Student
Research unit
3D Data Acquisition


Xiapeng Jiang is a PhD student at the Department of Geography. He holds a Master’s degree in Geographic Information and Smart City (Shenzhen University, P.R.China) in June, 2022. His focus was quantitative assessment of mangrove ecosystems health around coastal city in China based on RS technology and he published several papers, you could find these in Google Scholar website: (https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=&user=Nqrkz6cAAAAJ).

But he now focuses on evaluating the quality of urban ecological corridor with multi-source sensing and field data. Using machine learning methods, remote sensing ecology indicators (RSEI), species distribution model (SDM), he assess the quality of urban ecological corridor (UEC) in urban area, which will provide a methodological and technical framework for creating more livable and sustainable ecological city.