Lunch seminar Amaury Frankl

For whom
Thursday 14 December 2017 from 12:30 until 13:30
Sterre, S8, Lokaal 120.074
Department of Geography

A century of changes at the source of the Blue Nile as studied from historical aerial photographs in GIS “During this lunch talk I will guide you through changes that have occurred at the shores of Lake Tana, one of Africa's largest lakes at the source of the Blue Nile. Series of historical aerial photographs give a unique view on almost a century of changes. Our analytical framework focuses on the deforestation narrative - did much of the tropics indeed lost woody vegetation over the past decades. We will answer this question from a case study, and link new insights to a better understanding of geomorphological processes in the catchment. Using a multitude of processing environments (ArcMAP, Agisoft PhotScan, Google Earth, Photoshop), we present a method to investigate historical changes in a flexible environment. This session is open for all researchers and students who are interested in studying environmental change in a historical context. Our processing workflow will be shared and will be open to suggestions.”