Welcome to the website of the CartoGIS research group at the Department of Geography of Ghent University. In the CartoGIS research group, both fundamental and applied research on various aspects of cartography and geographical information science is conducted. Our research group focuses on five major research areas:

(1) data quality (e.g. quantifying spatial errors; using data quality indicators as a support for recognition of object changes in the update process; objective quality definition of cartographical representations);

(2) geographical information production, infrastructure, management and modelling (e.g. geographical information and cartography of World Heritage; fundamental and applied studies of map production and map production management);

(3) risk analysis (e.g. information processing on flood risk; risk analysis and use of geographical information in managing disasters and disaster control);

(4) analysis of moving objects (e.g. tracking of moving objects; modelling, representing, and reasoning about spatio-temporal information; cognition and linguistics of moving objects; time geography and accessibility analysis);

(5) historical cartography (e.g. analysis of the production methods of maps, especially in the 16th and 18th century; worldview in the past and the visualisation of it on maps).

Call for papers - Mobile Ghent '13


Mobile Ghent '13
Continuing the success of previous meetings in Estonia, we are pleased to invite you to Mobile Ghent ‘13 which will be held in the city of Ghent (Belgium) from October 23 to 25, 2013 (we aim to close the conference in the early afternoon on the 25th). The aim of the conference is to bring together researchers and experts from around the world to discuss emerging topics and research findings across various fields related to location tracking. The program will include keynotes, paper sessions and social events.

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Blog post Berdien Deroo


Blog post Berdien Deroo 'First steps in the development of an international standard for 4D archaeological data' published on OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium).

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Call for papers


Call for papers for a special issue of International Journal of Geographical Information Science (IJGIS) on Space-Time Research in GIScience.

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Bluetooth and privacy research


We would kindly like to ask for your cooperation on this survey about Bluetooth and privacy. We would like to know to what extent Bluetooth is being used and how you think about privacy. The rise of new technologies means new challenges for privacy, and we would like to get to know your opinion about this.

The survey consists of: a general part, a part about Bluetooth and a part about privacy. Each participant has a chance to win a Fnac-voucher!

This research is part of a masters’ thesis at Ghent University, Department of Geography. For questions concerning this research, feel free to contact Mathias Versichele (

Radio interview with Nico Van de Weghe


Interview with Nico Van de Weghe in "Ochtendpost Radio 2 Oost-Vlaanderen" (Belgian Radio) about Bluetooth-tracking on Light Festival in Ghent (24/01/2012, 6h40)

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Prestigious price for best scientific contribution on the World ITS-congress for Koen De Baets.


CartoGIS researcher Koen De Baets received the Best Paper Award for his scientific paper 'How Sustainable is Route Navigation? A Comparison between Commercial Route Planners and the Policy Principles of Road Categorization'.

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2 articles in September issue of UGent magazine


"Het Liber Floridus in het STAM" (p.8-9) and "Verkeersinformatie nauwkeuriger dan ooit dankzij UGent en Be-Mobile" (p.30-31)

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International Summer School

23/08/2011 - 26-08-2011

On 23-27 August 2011, the International Summer School on Moving Objects and Knowledge discovery was held at the Department of Geography (UGent). Participants of this four-day event included 30 students and 8 tutors from around the world. The Summer School focused on various aspects of spatio-temporal database design, movement pattern detection, tracking technologies, visualization of movement data etc...

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