• Overview

Cartography & GIS

The research group CartoGIS focusses on the techniques for analysing geographical data and for visualizing these on maps.

The CartoGIS research group in centred on geographical information, as this underpins both the domain of cartography and geographical information science. A broad multidisciplinarity (computer sciences, archaeology, cognition, sport sciences) characterizes the conducted projects. In these, the group focusses on the use of modern methodologies (e.g. eye tracking, WiFi tracking, UAVs, etc.) and development of innovative technologies (e.g. navigation apps, 3D webGIS, etc.).

Fundamental and applied research is carried out into the following major research lines:

transport, accessiblity and GIS cartography and map use historical cartography 4D GIS for archaeology flood risks indoor wayfinding moving objects GIS in education


Recent publications

Mertens, Van Dyck, Ghekiere, De Bourdeaudhuij, Deforche, Van de Weghe, Van Cauwenberg (2016) — Which environmental factors most strongly influence a street's appeal for bicycle transport among adults?: a conjoint study using manipulated photographs.

Mertens, Van Cauwenberg, Ghekiere, De Bourdeaudhuij, Deforche, Van de Weghe, Van Dyck (2016) — Differences in environmental preferences towards cycling for transport among adults: a latent class analysis.

Dupont, Ooms, Antrop, Van Eetvelde (2016) — Comparing saliency maps and eye-tracking focus maps: the potential use in visual impact assessment based on landscape photographs.

Former staff

Katrien Asmussen Lander Bral — Dr. Marijke Brondeel — Steve Burggraeve — Stijn Calis Seyed Hossein Chavosi Ir. Manuel Claeys Bouuaert — Christophe Collard — Koen De Baets — Leen De Temmerman — Dr. Beata De Vliegher — Nele De Wolf — Pieter Deckers Dr. Matthias Delafontaine Prof. dr. Greta Deruyter Dr. Ruvimbo Gamanya Annelies Incoul Dr. Wim Kellens Ruben Maddens Ellen Meire — Dr. Leonard Mubalama-Kerkira — Idris Peiren — Dr. Yi Qiang Johan Reyns — Kristien Schelfaut — Eline Serruys — Frederik Van Bossche — Bram Van Londersele — Ir. Mario Vanlommel Wouter Vanneuville ValĂ©rie Vanopbroeke — Liesbeth Vansteenvoort — Joris Verbeken Dr. Els Verfaillie — Prof. dr. Carlos Vernemmen — Dr. Mathias Versichele Ilke Werbrouck