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Dr. Berdien De Roo

+32 (0)9 264 47 00

Krijgslaan 281, S8, 9000 Ghent, Belgium

Berdien De Roo is PhD student at the Department of Geography since 2012. Her research focuses on the use of GIS and data standards in archaeology. She attempts to take a first step towards a 4D archaeological GIS. During her research, Berdien has gained experience in acquiring user requirements and has gather knowledge on spatial databases, database models, GIS (desktop & GIS) and web applications.

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Recent Publications

  • De Roo (2016) — Putting the past in place: a conceptual data model for a 4D archaeological GIS.
  • De Roo, Lonneville, Bourgeois, De Maeyer (2016) — From virtual globes to ArcheoGIS: determining the technical and practical feasibilities. (In: PHOTOGRAMMETRIC ENGINEERING AND REMOTE SENSING)
  • De Roo, Bourgeois, De Maeyer (2017) — Usability assessment of a virtual globe-based 4D archaeological GIS.
  • De Roo, Bourgeois, De Maeyer (2016) — Information flows as bases for archeology-specific geodata infrastructures: an exploratory study in Flanders. (In: JOURNAL OF THE ASSOCIATION FOR INFORMATION SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY)
  • De Roo, Stal, Lonneville, De Wulf, Bourgeois, De Maeyer (2016) — Spatiotemporal data as the foundation for an archaeological stratigraphy extraction and management system. (In: JOURNAL OF CULTURAL HERITAGE)
  • Van de Weghe, De Roo, Qiang, Versichele, Neutens, De Maeyer (2014) — The continuous spatio-temporal model (CSTM) as an exhaustive framework for multi-scale spatio-temporal analysis. (In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION SCIENCE)
  • De Roo, Van de Weghe, Bourgeois, De Maeyer (2014) — The temporal dimension in a 4D archaeological data model: applicability of the geoinformation standard.
  • De Roo, Bourgeois, De Maeyer (2013) — A survey on the use of GIS and data standards in archaeology. (In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HERITAGE IN THE DIGITAL ERA)