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Dr. Mathias Versichele

+32 (0)9 264 46 95

Krijgslaan 281, S8, 9000 Ghent, Belgium

Research Unit

Recent Publications

  • Versichele, Neutens, Claeys Boùùaert, Van de Weghe (2014) — Time-geographic derivation of feasible co-presence opportunities from network-constrained episodic movement data. (In: TRANSACTIONS IN GIS)
  • Van de Weghe, De Roo, Qiang, Versichele, Neutens, De Maeyer (2014) — The continuous spatio-temporal model (CSTM) as an exhaustive framework for multi-scale spatio-temporal analysis. (In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION SCIENCE)
  • Versichele, De Groote, Claeys Boùùaert, Neutens, Moerman, Van de Weghe (2014) — Pattern mining in tourist attraction visits through association rule learning on Bluetooth tracking data: a case study of Ghent, Belgium. (In: TOURISM MANAGEMENT)
  • Versichele, Neutens, Van de Weghe (2013) — Person monitoring with Bluetooth tracking.
  • Versichele (2014) — Sensing and making sense of crowd dynamics using Bluetooth tracking: an application-oriented approach.
  • Versichele, Neutens, Huybrechts, Vlassenroot, Gautama (2012) — Bluetooth: meer dan gadget voor mobiliteitsonderzoek. (In: VERKEERSSPECIALIST (MECHELEN))
  • Versichele, Neutens, Goudeseune, Van Bossche, Van de Weghe (2012) — Mobile mapping of sporting event spectators using Bluetooth sensors: Tour of Flanders 2011. (In: SENSORS)
  • Delafontaine, Versichele, Neutens, Van de Weghe (2012) — Analysing spatiotemporal sequences in Bluetooth tracking data. (In: APPLIED GEOGRAPHY)
  • Qiang, Delafontaine, Versichele, De Maeyer, Van de Weghe (2012) — Interactive analysis of time intervals in a two-dimensional space. (In: INFORMATION VISUALIZATION)
  • Versichele, Neutens, Delafontaine, Van de Weghe (2012) — The use of Bluetooth for analysing spatiotemporal dynamics of human movement at mass events: a case study of the Ghent Festivities. (In: APPLIED GEOGRAPHY)