Flood Impact and Risk Assessment for Urban City Ghent

Previous studies have reported that Ghent (Belgium) and regions nearby are insufficiently protected against storm surge events from the North Sea, whether combined with high upper drainage by abundant rainfall or not. When a downpour occurs and drains can no longer effectively manage the amount of water, floods in and around the city of Ghent will cause damage to energy and transportation infrastructure and precipitate a disruption to the delivery of services. In this research, an analysis is made for the casualties and economic damage caused by floods due to a downpour that statistically takes place once every twenty, fifty, and hundred years (T20, T50, T100) for the current situation and for the projected situation in 2050. The impact of moderate to extreme floods in the territory of Ghent is investigated, wherein all fragile infrastructure and vulnerable functions are identified and described.

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  • Arcadis, KULeuven